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Hi, I’m Sara Monaghan.

A busy, motivated, mum, wife & coach; who since the summer of 2020 has undertaken the most phenomenal journey to Better.


Have you ever had that feeling where you think there must be more to life? Or that you are destined for more?


For as long as Sara can remember that is exactly how she felt. Despite being extremely proud of her achievements and grateful for her life, there seemed to be something missing. 


Whilst on maternity leave from a successful career in Engineering, amidst a global pandemic, Sara embarked on a journey of self discovery, personal development and growth when she partnered with her network marketing business and launched Sparkle Wellbeing. 


That was when the missing piece of the puzzle slowly started to become clear, she had her eyes open to the world of possibilities and realised that her potential was unlimited. Not only were ketones the catalyst for changing the trajectory of her life, physically and mentally, they have also given her a platform to positively impact the lives of so many others for better too. 


In the Autumn of 2021, after a combination of synchronistic events, Sara decided to further pursue her passion when she embarked on her certification as a Key® Coach. Delivering an award winning program which is underpinned by spiritual philosophies, success principles and science; helping people to discover that when they choose a mind and heart set of health, wealth, happiness and love; and focus their energy on creating their vision and unlocking® their purpose, amazing things begin to happen.

With an expanded vision and two entities to her business, which perfectly compliment each other and align with Sara's core values in helping people pursue better, Inspire Better - Sparkle Wellbeing was created. 

At Inspire Better - Sparkle Wellbeing Sara’s philosophy is simple, she want to Inspire you to Unlock your full Potential and find your Sparkle, creating an abundance of Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love in your life.


With a mission to share the tools Sara has discovered, that have allowed her to grow, she would love to invite you to come along on this exciting journey of personal growth, belief and discovery as she help you break through limiting beliefs, to be the best role model and achieve your wildest dreams... after all, it just takes some Inspired Action.

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