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Take Control of Your Future

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As we pioneer the launch of this groundbreaking technology across the UK and Europe the opportunity in itself is unlimited but by joining us on our mission there are a number of additional benefits that will be available to you which are exclusive to our team:-

  • Private team Facebook Group where we provide training, support & tips to grow your business.

  • Regular business, product, coaching & opportunity calls.

  • Weekly training calls.

  • Important updates and notifications via our Prüvit Pulse app.

  • Team website that provides a vault of recorded webinars, step by step guides and other useful resources to share the Prüvit business opportunity and Pruvit product coaching.

  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support Chat.

It will be your Prüvit business but, you will not be alone.


Prüvit ventures was founded with a very simple philosophy.  Make. People. Better.

Based on this core belief, the company set out to tackle the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®.

Prüvit is primarily focused on evidence-based products that help optimize your human potential.

Prüvit is proud to be the worldwide leader in ketone technology as we pioneer this new marketplace. With community as our focus and the power of social commerce, our philosophy remains simple. Make. People. Better.

Learn more on the Prüvit website


There are  several ways for you to earn money. All promoters earn commissions on the sale of all Prüvit products but, are also eligible for several bonuses:

  • Go Fast Bonus - Get paid on the first order placed by Promoters in Levels 1 – 8, depending on other bonus achievements.

  • Residual Commissions - A monthly residual commission based on the % of Volume that occurs on each of 1 to 11 levels.

  • Residual Match - Earn a % of the Residual Commissions earned by Engaged Promoters who contribute towards a Promoter’s Team Volume.

  • MVP Pool - A pool for only those Promoters who earned the Go MVP Bonus, based on 1% of all company-wide New Volume during the calendar month.

  • Champion Bonus - In addition to the Residual Commission, the Champion Bonus offers a % of volume that occurs from unlimited levels of Promoters one to five Generations deep.

  • Ownership Pools - Four separate pools for all Promoters who reach the L7, L8, L9 and L10 ranks, each based on 1% of total company Volume.

  • FREE Car Bonus - All promoters that reach R6 qualify for an additional payment of up to $800 for your monthly car lease! This Bonus is in addition to all other bonuses and commissions. 


There are a few different option for getting started, and I just wanted to reassure you that everyone starts out somewhere between scared and nervous, I know I sure did!

Before you make any decisions and for you to be sure we are a good fit for each other I would like to invite you to get in touch with me directly so I can best support you in your decision going forward.

Please use the GET STARTED button at the top of this page, or fill out the form below and I will be in touch very soon.

I am excited to meet you.

Sara x


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